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Beautiful pictures!


Your pictures are beautiful. The sakura route at Chidorigafuchi makes the palace moat even more majestic than usual. I live quite nearby so your photos make me want to do a run through the area - NOW!


Lovely pictures! I was there in the afternoon the other day and it was beautiful but the area becomes quite magical when lit up at night and you captured it well.


Beautiful pictures Amy ! And very informative entry. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Yes, even if you think your camera work is not too good the photos are very nice. Even at three hours it looks like it was a pleasant walk.


The pics are amazing!

Account Deleted

We went to the same place for Extreme Hanami! http://www.extremehanami.com/


...lovely photos!!!! Looks like you had a great time!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Shibuya Tokyo

Incredible night time sakura pictures. It is indeed that time of the year!


Those are excellent night pix. Very clean and crisp, rich with colours even I can marvel at. I like the way a few of the boats are slightly blurred and the sense of motion amongst the calm waters and the dark sky behind the veils of sakura.

Thanks for sharing.


Lisa Zimmerman

This post made me feel very nostalgic for Japan. I loved hanami season when I lived in Kyoto! Thanks for posting such beautiful pictures!



Thanks for the comments!

Astrorainfall, so you're one of those joggers! As a non-jogger I totally don't get the attraction of all that endless running, but I can see how the palace moat route would be a good one.

Thanks Babs, I was hoping to have all the boats blurry but a lot of them were just parked. Stupid boaters.

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